Monday, April 10, 2006

Windows Live Mail

Well Microsoft had to respond to Google's gmail. A lot of the people I know have already switched. So I tried out windows live mail from my hotmail account. It's a version of gmail except slower for now. But it almost is like Outlook. It finally has a search and you can select multiple mails with shift-click so deleting a lot of spam is easy!

But when I tried to open it with Firefox what did I get? The Classic version. And then this message:
If you’re not using Internet Explorer 6.0: Using Internet Explorer versions 6.0 and higher will give you the best Windows Live Mail user experience with access to all functionality such as the reading pane and keyboard shortcuts. Internet Explorer 6.0 is available only for computers with certain system requirements.

I knew MS would do this. See my last post. But I think they're making a crucial mistake. They think that they're Windows Live will keep people on IE and not on Firefox or other future browsers. It's the same mistake that Apple made with their OS. In the end it's the apps that count and not the platform.


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