Saturday, April 15, 2006

Google Calendar,Virtual Companies, and Perverted Adsense

Wow, it finally came out. People have been waiting for it after gmail. And by now we've all come to expect incredible DHTML things from google. It very slick.

At work I tried to have gmail as a frontend to our email backend but the company won't allow forwarding outside the company's domain. It's a shame because I wouldn't need Outlook or thunderbird anymore.

Now I'm thinking how a small (or even large) business could use gmail/calendar/groups/talk/writely/etc. to run their business virtually. If google would acquire or develop a file storage mechanism à la xdrive and incorporate it into google groups then it would basically all be there.

Perverted Adsense
Now I'm also thinking of a real perverted use of google adsense which a large organisation like my company could use. Companies could and perhaps should advertise internally within their web office suite. Everyone is talking about knowlege management and our company has a system but who goes there? There is no real efficient way to get mindshare for new corporate programs, technologies, events, groups, etc. So why not internal advertising using the same auction system that every google ad has. Perhaps google already sells their adsense engine to corporations like their search engine? Or if they don't a startup should build one and sell it to corporations since google adsense works.


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